Wrapping Up a Milestone Season of Midnight Hoops: A NDICA Initiative for Unity and Violence Prevention in Chicago


As we reflect on the inaugural season of Midnight Hoops, we are filled with gratitude and a strong sense of accomplishment. This project, which started as a vision to uplift our local community, grew into something much larger—a movement towards unity, community betterment, and violence prevention. We wanted to take a moment on our NDICA blog to share some highlights, shout-outs, and next steps for this transformative initiative.

The Visionary Behind Midnight Hoops

None of this would have been possible without the commitment and tireless efforts of Kenny Doss III, founder of Bridging The Gap Globally. His leadership and dedication turned Midnight Hoops from a dream into a vibrant reality, creating a safe space where the community could come together for sportsmanship, dialogue, and mutual growth.

Midnight hoops chicagoThe Role of NDICA

As an organization committed to community service and social upliftment for the past four years, NDICA found a natural partnership in Midnight Hoops. We were honored to contribute to the project’s success, overseeing event logistics, and facilitating educational sessions that were held alongside the basketball games.

A Nod to Justice Advisory Council Grants

A significant cornerstone for the success of Midnight Hoops was the grant received from the Cook County Justice Advisory Council (JAC). Their grant program aims to improve community safety and reduce reliance on incarceration, goals that aligned perfectly with the mission of Midnight Hoops. Their financial support and endorsement were invaluable in bringing the project to fruition.

Community Engagement and Program Highlights

For five consecutive Saturdays, Ogden Park was abuzz with activities. Eight local basketball teams took to the court to showcase their talent. The atmosphere was electric, thanks to the live music by DJ Will The Thrill, food stalls, and a bouncy house that became an instant hit with the younger crowd. Off the court, attendees engaged in meaningful conversations on topics like violence prevention, led by local leaders and activists.

The Unforgettable Finale

The season concluded on August 26th, but the impact of Midnight Hoops will be felt far beyond that date. The championship game, 3-point shooting contest, and dunk competition drew the largest crowd yet, illustrating the profound impact of community-based initiatives.

What’s Next for Midnight Hoops?

The overwhelming positive feedback and community involvement have already set the wheels in motion for next season. We are excited to continue this journey, bringing even more resources and activities to enrich our community.

For more information on the past season and updates on the next, make sure to check out bit.ly/ChiBasketball.


The inaugural season of Midnight Hoops wasn’t just a game or a series of games; it was a rallying call for change, unity, and empowerment in our community. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to what the future holds for Midnight Hoops and the broader Chicago community.

For further details or inquiries, please reach out to Hazey Taughtme, CMO at NDICA, at hazey@thendica.org or call 310-467-3979.

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