The 2020 NDICA Quest

An annual  quest to award a deserving minority-owned business a California Type-S cannabis manufacturing license.


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What is NDICA Quest?

NDICA Quest is an initiative to equalize the current cannabis industry by opening the door for passionate, minority-controlled businesses looking to Go Green. A very small percentage of legal cannabis businesses are actually minority-controlled. Seeing a lot of talk about needing change – we wanted to empower real change by doing what we could.

Each year, NDICA Quest will select and fund a deserving, minority-controlled business and make their cannabis entrepreneur dream come true.

NDICA Quest 2020 is our first program and will consist of three rounds spanning approximately 3 months with the public being the final judge.

The chosen minority business will receive the following

  • Subsidized monthly rent with complete access to NDICA’s network and facility.
  • Free legal assistance with business formation and trademark
  • A paid-for type S cannabis license to NDICA’s upcoming LA shared-manufacturing facility
  • Branding and Packaging Design by Studio 810 Media


To participate in the NDICA Quest Program, please see the full details at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to enter!

Round 1

Candidates in Round 1 will submit video statements detailing your passion for the industry, why you think you would be a good fit for the NDICA Quest prize, as well as what you will bring to the table as a new member.

Round 2

We look for leaders looking to shake up the cannabis industry with intention.
Candidates in round 2 are required to submit a business plan to NDICA which details your company, products, and strategy. The top candidates will be selected to undergo an interview with NDICA’s executive team.

Round 3

This is the final round! Time to ask friends and family for help!

The top candidates will showcase to the world that they are passionate, deserving, and ready to start their NDICA Quest in the cannabis industry.
The public will vote and select the finalist!

Candidates should submit the following to enter NDICA Quest 2020 Program:

1) A 2-minute video introducing yourself and your company, your passion for the industry and why you are applying

2) A written statement up to 420 words explaining:

a) What is your background as a minority

b) What you hope to bring as a minority to the cannabis community

c) Why you would be a good fit for the NDICA Quest to become a Green Leader

The video must be posted on Instagram and tag @TheNDICA using the hashtags #GoGreen and #ndicaquest2020. The statement should be submitted through this page.

Current NDICA members are eligible to apply!

Round 1 will begin 12:01AM Saturday July 25, 2020.

Round 1 ends on September 15 , 2020.



Calling all minorities. Enter now to win.