Social Equity Criteria Lottery: Revealing Top Participants by BLS Region


The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (“Department”) on July 13, 2023, conducted the Social Equity Criteria Lottery (“SECL”), as per Section 15-35.20(c) of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act and 68 IAC 1291.400 and 405 of the Illinois Administrative Code. The SECL comprised 17 BLS Region drawings, awarding a total of 55 Conditional Adult Use Dispensing Organization Licenses (“Conditional Licenses”).

Winners Emerged

The department’s meticulously carried out lottery led to the unveiling of the top participants from each of the 17 BLS Regions. The “top participant” term identifies an applicant who is fortunate enough to draw a winning slot, granting them the possibility of obtaining a conditional license.

Social Equity Criteria Lottery

Next Steps

Following their successful draw, top participants now enter the second phase. They must fulfill requirements as outlined in 68 IAC 1291.410-440 to obtain their Conditional License. Additional prerequisites such as proving tax compliance, adhering to statutory license limitations, and meeting child support requirements are also necessary.

Participants have a timeline of 45 days, starting from July 14, 2023, through to August 28, 2023, to submit proof of their eligibility for a conditional license. The Department then has a minimum of 60 days to review these submissions.

Further Updates

In an event where the Department determines a top participant as ineligible after the requisite review periods, that participant’s license may be denied. The opportunity is then extended to the next drawn applicant within the same BLS Region. Consequently, updates may be applied to the below tables, and new top participants might be introduced based on the full draw results.

The Department emphasizes that the posting of the full draw results or the top participants’ list doesn’t represent a final agency decision. It is important to note that full draw results are made available for the public here.


Through SECL, the Department takes significant strides in diversifying and ensuring fair practices in the dispensing of cannabis licenses. This is a monumental step in promoting social equity and diversity in the cannabis industry.

Stay connected with the National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance for the most recent updates and comprehensive coverage of this process.

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