Quavo and VP Kamala Harris Team Up Against Gun Violence: “I Need to Step Up”

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Quavo Unites with VP Kamala Harris: A Crucial Call to Action on Gun Violence

A Personal Stake in a National Issue

Less than a year since the tragic loss of his nephew and former bandmate Takeoff, rapper Quavo has become a vocal advocate against gun violence. He recently sat down with Vice President Kamala Harris and members of Congress to discuss effective measures against this plague sweeping the nation.

Takeoff’s Loss as a Catalyst for Change

On November 1, 2022, Takeoff, born Kirshnik Khari Ball, was fatally shot outside a Houston bowling alley. Dubbed “an innocent bystander” by Houston police, the tragedy has catalyzed Quavo into action.

A Panel for Action

Quavo participated in a Congressional Black Caucus panel focused on community-led strategies against gun violence. Alongside him was his sister and Takeoff’s mother, Titania Davenport, along with influential figures like Sen. Raphael Warnock and Rep. Lucy McBath.

A Home Run Against Gun Violence

“I feel like your calling comes at the least expected times,” Quavo declared. Urging immediate action, he emphasized the necessity to lower gun-violence statistics, especially within communities of color.

Questions and Solutions

Two fundamental questions resonated in Quavo’s dialogue: how can we safely use guns, and how can we keep them away from those prone to making harmful decisions?

More Than Just Words

Quavo’s commitment extends beyond the panel; he’s already founded the Rocket Foundation to fund community-based solutions for gun violence prevention.

The Need for Resources

For change to happen, Quavo argues that underfunded communities require more resources. His White House visit underscored his determination to be a conduit for these vital resources to his community.

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