Hands-on training is crucial in the cannabis space.

The NDICA IJP program allows for an evidence based internship employment model development to address where there is a lack of work experience and soft skills demonstrated by participating in the program. Transitional subsidized employment, or transitional jobs, are time-limited work experiences and are within the public, private, or nonprofit sectors or social equity and individuals with barriers to employment who are chronically unemployed or have an inconsistent work history, and are combined with comprehensive career and supportive services. Individuals that come from marginalized areas affected by the war on drugs.

The reentry population faces unique barriers when it comes to finding and holding a job. The NDICA IJP model teaches NDICA IJP participants how to enter the world of work by providing job experience and soft skills training. Simultaneously the NDICA IJP model promotes the attainment to have the most job openings in the Los Angeles region. 

At NDICA, our onsite internship program has proven to be highly effective in training SEP applicants to secure employment and/or become owners/operators. Interns are placed in legal retail stores, cultivation and manufacturing facilities to learn day-to-day operations, compliance, inventory, security, packaging, track and trace, POS and CRM systems. They will gain the knowledge & experience needed to own their own Hemp and/or Cannabis business.

For those only interested in careers, we have both entry-level and C-Level employment opportunities.

Our goal is to place interns in transitional as well as long-term positions.

(A minimum of 120 hours is required to obtain a certificate of completion. Additional hours may be required if SEP applicant does not pass the required interim and final exams.)