NDICA x Dip Devices Partnership

Dip Devices Renews Its Commitment To Social Justice By Announcing Its Partnership With NDICA

NDICA (National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance) is thrilled to announce its brand new partnership with Dip Devices. This dynamic partnership will forward the duo’s common goal of promoting positive change within and beyond the cannabis industry. Throughout the partnership, Dip Devices will use its platform to uplift and amplify NDICA’s important work and contribute a portion of the Company’s proceeds of select devices to help further its social initiatives.

NDICA is known for formulating equitable employment and ownership opportunities within the cannabis and hemp industry spheres. The team develops critical programs to reduce disparities that come from marginalized communities deeply impacted by the War on Drugs. Each month, NDICA hosts expungement clinics, job fairs, community outreach, and youth empowerment opportunities. NDICA has also facilitated partnerships with state departments such as the California State Employment Development Department (E.D.D.) as well as other community-based organizations rooted in vocational development and job placement to help community members enter the workforce. Founded by Bonita Bo Money, NDICA currently has chapters in Los Angeles, Fresno, Chicago, Columbus, and one set to launch in Oklahoma City.

Since its inception, Dip Devices has been committed to helping those adversely impacted by the drug war. This collaboration with NDICA will allow the Company to support those social justice initiatives directly, affecting fundamental components of the cannabis movement from racial justice to broader social equality. In accordance with the new partnership, NDICA will be given a portion of the proceeds of every black Lunar,  Little Dipper, and EVRI dab straw vaporizer sold.

Jeff Zucker, President of Dip Devices, said of the partnership, “Dip Devices is committed to advocating for social justice surrounding cannabis. This partnership with NDICA will strengthen our ability to do that and have a greater impact, as we’ll be working alongside a national grassroots organization directly serving communities negatively impacted by the War on Drugs. We are dedicated to supporting these communities with financial resources, but also going further by using our platforms to engage our community and amplify NDICA’s mission head-on.”

Bonita Bo Money, Founder of NDICA, said of the partnership, “We are thrilled to be a part of this partnership with Dip Devices. NDICA is committed to reducing disparities in life outcomes for people from marginalized communities affected by the War on Drugs. This collaboration supports NDICA’s Social Justice Initiatives in the community by providing workforce development programs, monthly expungement clinics, job resource fairs, youth mentorship programs, and violence prevention programs. One of our most recent initiatives involves assisting in the release of people who have been incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses and assisting with their re-entry transition. We hope that this will inspire other companies to consider the social justice impact they can have in their communities and make a difference by supporting organizations like ours.”

About Dip Devices:

Dip Devices launched in 2014 with a goal to innovate the way concentrates are consumed. As the originators of direct-to-concentrate technology, Dip Devices’ vision is to create devices that adapt to each lifestyle. Based out of Denver, Colorado, and with product design in Houston, Texas, the Company is a small team of entrepreneurs and designers committed to listening and responding to changing needs of consumers. Together, Dip Devices is transforming the narrative on concentrates and pushing the limits on portable consumption.

About NDICA:

NDICA is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating an ethical and equitable cannabis industry and reducing barriers to increase the representation of those most impacted by the War on Drugs, including people of color and other marginalized community members.

NDICA aligns with innovative thinkers and leaders to develop guidance and mentorship for the markets served. NDICA brings together government agencies, industry leaders, practitioners and intellectuals through forums, expungement clinics, and training to provide the necessary resources to succeed in cannabis and non-cannabis industries. NDICA is the only cannabis organization funded by the California Governor’s office and a preferred vendor for the City of Los Angeles’ Social Equity Program.