National Nonprofit Day: NDICA’s Impact in Cannabis Inclusion & Equity

National Nonprofit Day Spotlight: Celebrating Our Journey at The National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (NDICA)

August 17 – Today, on National Nonprofit Day, we at the National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (NDICA) pause to shine a light on our growth, milestones, and the transformative impact we’ve crafted in the cannabis industry.

From our humble beginnings, we’ve been driven by a mission: to bring equity and inclusion to the cannabis sector. This industry, rapidly growing and evolving, demands a steadfast commitment to ensuring everyone gets a fair chance. Our initiatives are tailored to serve this very purpose:

  • Expungements: Our efforts have helped numerous individuals with past cannabis-related offenses find a new start, empowering them to rewrite their narratives.
  • Workforce Development: Beyond mere job placements, we’ve nurtured careers, fostering an environment where passionate individuals can find their place and excel within the dynamic cannabis industry.
  • Food Security: Our initiatives stretch beyond cannabis. Recognizing the basic human right to food, we’re continuously working towards a future where food scarcity is a thing of the past.
  • Cannabis License Assistance: We’ve been a guiding light for many aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the complex waters of licensing, ensuring their dreams aren’t stifled by red tape.
  • Policy Work: Advocacy is at our core. Our continuous efforts to shape inclusive policies and regulations have established a solid foundation for a more equitable cannabis industry.

Our commitment spans across regions like Los Angeles and Illinois. Every community we touch, every individual we assist, adds to our legacy of positive impact.

On this special day, we invite our community, supporters, and all those curious about our mission to dive deeper into our story and vision. Let’s connect, collaborate, and continue to shape a more inclusive cannabis future. Reach out to us at 888-420-1540 or

As we mark National Nonprofit Day, we pledge to remain steadfast in our mission, always striving for a world where diversity and inclusion in cannabis aren’t just buzzwords but are deeply ingrained in its fabric.

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