Maryland Embraces Legal Recreational Cannabis

In a historical move, Maryland now officially allows legal recreational cannabis use. Marylanders aged 21 and over can purchase marijuana products by simply presenting a valid ID, marking a new era of cannabis culture in the state.

Ready for the High Demand

Legal recreational cannabis in Maryland brings expected high demand. Local dispensaries, such as the Black-owned Mary and Main located in Prince George’s County, are prepared. CEO Hope Wiseman assures, “I think everybody has been stocking up on inventory, because no one wants to run out.”

Ensuring a Smooth Cannabis Purchase Process

Maryland has a streamlined system in place for both recreational and medical cannabis purchases. Customers will show a valid government-issued ID at the dispensary’s entrance. After security clearance, they can access the dispensary, where knowledgeable “budtenders” will guide them towards the best cannabis products for their needs.

 Maryland: An Array of Choices

A broad range of options, including edibles, flowers, pre-rolls, candles, and bath salts, gives customers a chance to explore. Recreational purchases will attract a 9% sales tax and are available only in lower doses. Wiseman elaborates, “In the adult use market, you can only purchase edibles that have 100 milligrams and a pack or 10 mg per item.”

Educating for Safe Cannabis Use

Maryland isn’t only about accessibility, but also education. Dispensaries like Mary and Main ensure that customers understand safe consumption. New users are encouraged to “start low, go slow, figure out what works for you.”

Prioritizing Medical Cannabis Users

While the legal recreational market expands, medical users aren’t left behind. They continue to receive priority with a separate express line and tax exemption on purchases.

The Mary and Main Experience in the New Era of Legal Recreational Cannabis Maryland

To mark the occasion, Mary and Main organized a day full of food, music, games, and more. As Maryland ventures into this new era, the focus is on fostering a responsible and educated recreational cannabis culture.

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