June 2023 Newsletter

NDICA is committed to making a difference in communities through a focus on expungement, workforce development, and food security.

Here are the highlights of our work in May:

  1. Monthly Expungement Event at Metro Family Services: Our commitment to social justice and community empowerment is exhibited through our monthly expungement events held at Metro Family Services.Through these events, we assist individuals in the process of clearing past cannabis-related convictions from their records. These expungements are a crucial step in righting the wrongs of past cannabis prohibitions and opening up new opportunities for affected individuals.
  2. Workforce Development and Cannabis Careers Training: NDICA recognizes the immense potential of the burgeoning cannabis industry and is keen on ensuring that marginalized communities have the opportunity to participate and thrive. To this end, we offer workforce development programs and cannabis careers training through Thinkific. Our training courses are designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue various roles in the cannabis industry.
  3. Expungement Event at Sole Folks: We hosted an expungement event at Sole Folks in Los Angeles on May 26th.
    This event is part of our ongoing efforts to facilitate the process of cannabis-related expungement and help individuals start afresh.
  4. Giving Tuesday / Project Dash Partnership: We understand that community empowerment goes beyond the cannabis industry.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Los Angeles Regional Food Bank & Door Dash to launch Project Dash. Through this initiative, we deliver groceries to residents facing food insecurity up to 15 miles. We are still accepting registrations for Project Dash, and we encourage those in need to register at bit.ly/projectdashla.

NDICA is proud to be at the forefront of social equity efforts in the cannabis industry. We will continue to strive for a cannabis industry that is fair, inclusive, and offers opportunities for all. We look forward to sharing more updates on our progress and activities in the coming months. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to NDICA’s mission.

Year-End Event Recap

On April 29th, NDICA proudly hosted our highly-anticipated Year-End Event – a culmination of our year-long efforts and an opportunity to reflect on the progress we’ve made in fostering social equity in the cannabis industry. The event was a wonderful chance to connect with our community, celebrate our achievements, and look ahead to the future.

We were delighted to see the strong turnout and feel the energy and enthusiasm of our community members. From the insightful conversations about cannabis equity to the networking opportunities, the event truly captured the essence of NDICA’s mission.

We were also honored to have some esteemed guest speakers who shared their perspectives and insights on cannabis social equity and the future of the cannabis industry. Their contributions further enriched the dialogues during the event.

The highlight of the event was certainly the celebration of our accomplishments over the past year. We took the opportunity to recognize the individuals who have been instrumental in our journey, and the communities that have been empowered through our initiatives.

We are excited to share the recap video and a photo gallery from the event. These visuals perfectly capture the spirit and essence of our Year-End Event. The laughter, the thoughtful discussions, and the shared sense of purpose – all come alive in these images and footage. We hope that they will provide you with a glimpse into the NDICA community’s passion and commitment to social equity in the cannabis industry.

As we look ahead, we are more motivated than ever to continue our work. We are keen on empowering more individuals, transforming more lives, and making the cannabis industry more inclusive and equitable. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at our future events.

In the News

May has been a month of significant progress in the cannabis industry, particularly in terms of social equity. Here are some of the key events that took place.

  1. Minnesota Legalizes Recreational Cannabis with Social Equity Measures: Governor Tim Walz signed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, making Minnesota the 23rd state to do so. The bill includes social equity measures to address harms caused by decades of prohibition and ensure participation in the regulated adult-use cannabis industry by individuals convicted of marijuana-related offenses or their family members. The legislation also includes measures to expunge past convictions for misdemeanor marijuana offenses and reduce sentences for some more serious crimes​1​.
  2. Uncle Budd NYC – The First Black-owned Cannabis Brand in New York: Uncle Budd NYC, the first black-owned cannabis brand in New York State, made its debut at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition. The brand symbolizes resilience, determination, and a shift in the cannabis industry, promoting social equity, justice, and economic empowerment. Their innovative approach includes a Mobile Cannabis Dispensary concept and an UberEats-style Cannabis Delivery Service. The brand has also partnered with Omnium Canna, the first minority-owned cannabis processor and extractor in the US, signifying a commitment to inclusivity and social equity in the cannabis space​2​.
  3. Washington State Increases Licenses with a Focus on Social Equity: Washington state will allow 52 more retail cannabis shops to open between 2024 and 2032, a nearly 10% increase over the current number of licensed pot shops. The new licenses will only be available to businesses majority-owned by people who meet certain social equity criteria. This includes people who have lived at least five years in an area with high poverty and high unemployment, or those who have been previously arrested or convicted of a cannabis offense. The law should help diversify the state’s pot industry, which is disproportionately white, and represents a crucial step towards a more just and equitable society​.

Let’s continue to work together to push for social equity in the cannabis industry and thank you for your commitment to this cause.


National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance

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