Detroit Ushers in Second Phase of Recreational Marijuana Licenses

Detroit is once again proving to be a leader in the cannabis industry. The city has started accepting applications for the second round of recreational marijuana business licenses, reflecting the city’s commitment to this growing sector.

Recap on Round One

Last December marked a milestone when Detroit announced the first 33 recreational cannabis licenses. Fast forward to today, we have 28 thriving recreational marijuana dispensaries making a significant impact in the city.

The Exciting Second Phase

The second phase is now open. Interested entrepreneurs have until the end of August to submit their proposals. Decisions are expected to be made within six to eight weeks after the deadline. Just remember, securing a city license is step one, you’ll still need to get a state operating license from the Cannabis Regulatory Agency.

Empowering Communities

Detroit is ensuring that this opportunity is not just for big corporations but also for community members who have been adversely affected by past marijuana prohibition and enforcement. The city is reserving half of all licenses for “equity applicants,” a term encompassing residents from communities that were disproportionately affected by past regulations, as well as individuals with certified Detroit Legacy status.

Addressing Zoning Challenges

The city acknowledges the challenges zoning restrictions may pose and is actively working on solutions. Detroit is reducing the distance between cannabis retailers and other types of buildings, simplifying the process of setting up a cannabis business.

The Journey Ahead

Since 2018, Detroit has been working tirelessly to legalize recreational marijuana sales. The city is committed to this cause and envisions the successful award of 160 limited recreational licenses over three phases. For more information, make sure to visit It’s a crucial resource for anyone looking to understand the ins and outs of Detroit’s evolving cannabis industry.

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