Delaware Marijuana Commissioner Hosts Workshops on Social Equity Program

Are you interested in learning more about Delaware’s social equity program for the recreational marijuana industry? The Office of the Marijuana Commissioner is set to host a series of workshops across the state this June. These workshops aim to provide technical assistance to social equity candidates, offering them the opportunity to connect, network, and learn about the available opportunities.

Understanding the Social Equity Program

The social equity program is designed to ensure that communities disproportionately impacted by marijuana prohibition can benefit from the emerging legal cannabis market. The program includes provisions for technical assistance, business support, and priority licensing for eligible candidates.

Workshop Details

The Office of the Marijuana Commissioner will conduct four workshops in June. These sessions are scheduled as follows:

  • June 5 at the Stanton Campus of Delaware Technical Community College in Stanton
  • June 12 at the Owens Campus of Delaware Technical Community College in Georgetown
  • June 18 at the Wilmington Campus of Delaware Technical Community College in Wilmington
  • June 26 at Dover Public Library in Dover

Each workshop will run from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Attendees can register on the marijuana commissioner’s website, and for those unable to attend in person, the workshops will also be livestreamed on the office’s Facebook page.

Eligibility for Social Equity Licenses

To qualify for a social equity license, applicants must meet specific criteria. The Office of the Marijuana Commissioner is collaborating with state IT experts to create an interactive map to help Delawareans determine their eligibility. Key eligibility requirements include:

  • Residence Requirement: The applicant must have lived for at least five of the preceding 15 years in a disproportionately impacted area.
  • Conviction Requirement: The applicant must have been convicted of a marijuana-related offense under Delaware law before April 23, 2023. This excludes offenses involving delivery to a minor or possession of a “Tier 3 quantity” of marijuana (more than 11 pounds).
  • Family Impact: The applicant must have a parent, legal guardian, child, spouse, or dependent who was convicted of a marijuana-related offense under state law.

Opportunities for Social Equity License Holders

The equity carveout in Delaware’s marijuana legislation reserves specific licenses for social equity applicants. These include:

  • 15 Retail Licenses
  • 20 Cultivation Licenses
  • 10 Manufacturing Licenses
  • 2 Testing Labs

These reserved licenses are aimed at ensuring that those most affected by past marijuana laws have a significant opportunity to participate in and benefit from the legal market.


The upcoming workshops hosted by the Office of the Marijuana Commissioner represent a crucial step in promoting social equity in Delaware’s recreational marijuana industry. By providing technical assistance and fostering connections, these workshops will empower eligible candidates to seize new opportunities and contribute to a more inclusive cannabis market. Don’t miss your chance to attend one of these valuable sessions—register today and start your journey towards becoming a licensed marijuana business owner in Delaware.

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